(A note to visitors)

This platform is open to everyone in APAC, and is still on its beta stage, and we currently only have the Free Agents & Scrims section available.

However, do believe that we will be adding more very soon!

In the meantime, if you do see any issues, bugs, or if you have any suggestions/feedback regarding the platform, please do feel free to use the contact form to reach out to us or via Discord at: KJC#1298. We will be more than happy to hear about them and to make this a place that could help you!

We are looking to discuss with the following:

Esports organizations
Graphic Designers/Video Editors
...and more!

We look to make this platform a place for everyone in esports & gaming, and we want you to be able to make a profile here to connect with the others in the scene and to help advance your career!

If you do not see your profession above, please do get in touch with us as well as we really would like to have more individuals/corporations that we could serve that could benefit the whole industry!

Currently, the main focus is on VALORANT, however, we look to expand to other titles as well.

Additionally, once we have more people join the platform, we will be able to have full access to Riot Games' API, and we can then show your up-to-date information. For now, if you are a Free Agent, please do feel free to click here to see more on what we have, and you can then get started to creating your very own profile!